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Burdock Sporting Dog Supplies


                    All leashes,collars,gun slings are hand sewn by local Mennonite harness maker.The leashes,collars,gun slings are made of Bio Thane,it feels like leather and lasts like iron.We can custom make your favorite leash or collar.Black,dark brown, tan,and orange are the colours of collars,leashes .
Please email Peter at bannonfive@hotmail.com.We accept e-transfer of funds  

30ft regular snap check cord  
30ft Tracking lead with brass locking snap  
Jaeger lead 90in ,Dark Brown,Tan, Orange,Black, 
Jaeger lead 90in with floating ring  
Jaeger lead with floating ring  
5ft British style slip lead 
British style slip lead 5ft  
Custom Leashes